A mother found out on Facebook that her daughter’s corpse was in the morgue

By Guadalupe Lizarraga/Reporter


LOS ÁNGELES.- Ernestina Enriquez found out throug Facebook that her daughter was lying in the morgue since 2008, the year she disappeared in Ciudad Juarez. Adriana Sarmiento Enriquez was 15 when her mother saw her last.

After reporting her missing almost four years ago, no authority informed her that her daughter was dead and her body was in the local forensic service facilities. “The district attorney’s office never ever informed me anything, I knew about her death after I read it on Facebook”, she explains in an interview.

The information began to circulate on the social network after it was published by Los Angeles Press, it was read by a journalist in Spain, Javier Juarez, activist and researcher of missing women in Mexico. Ernestina was taken by surprise when Juarez called her to ask how she was. It was then when she let out a cry of pain. At this moment she understood that she was about to receive bad news. “What are you to tell me, Javier?” and the reporter asked her if she had read a recent post on Facebook.

The relief for Ernestina did not arrive quickly enough, although it could be thought of as an emotional relief, to know where her daughter was, after years, of uncertainty. “I am so angry”, Ernestina barely able to pronounce a few words. “I told them to tell me everything, even the bad news, but they never said anything to me even after I begged them to tell me everything they have found in their investigation, but the asshole kept quiet”, she explains that she would have preferred to know about her daughter’s fate, whatever it was.”

The District Attorney’s office of Chihuahua, also learned about the news earlier than Ernestina, but nobody called her to tell her the news about her daughter. It was until Norma Ledezma, mother of another missing woman, called her later that day and told her they needed to meet. Ernestina then realized that the news online were true, and that the authorities had kept all this time the body of her daughter and had omitted informing her.

“The body of Adriana Sarmiento was in the morgue since 2009”, officially confirmed by the district attorney, on the same day they traveled from Chihuahua to Ciudad Juarez, a stretch of 366 kilometers, to officially report, now in haste, to the mother regarding her daughter’s fate.

Ernestina, without breaking and with a harsh tone, told the officer:

–“Are you going to give me the body of my daughter?”

–“I was about to call you”, said the prosecutor. “But it was only the body of Adriana, there aren’t more bodies”.

–“Why did you withheld the information from us? Why don’t you inform us every time you find a body, if you all ready know that mothers of missing daughters are waiting to hear news?

–“Because the employees are new, there are many new people in our office”, replied the prosecutor.

Ernestina asked then:

–“And what is going to happen to the others bodies?”

–“Adriana was not in the mass grave, she was found abandoned on a highway. There are not 15 bodies, as it was published”, said the official.

Ernestina said that the conversation with the district attorney’s representative was not polite. She said that the official tried to defend her office’s action.  She could not with her. Ernestina said: “I told her everything that I felt in that moment; what I thought about them. I asked her why they do this to the mothers that are anxious to know about their daughters. “Why do they do that?” A long sigh, “I felt betrayed”, said.

Ernestina feel with sorrow. Her voice sounds angry. She said “It’s a mockery of the monument in the Cotton field”.

Audio in Spanish

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